Animals Wearing Glasses, Spectacles, Shades or Goggles

Animals Wearing Glasses is a flickr group dedicated to a collection of photographs portraying animals wearing glasses!

The photographs below are the last 20 to be added to the group. The photographs will change as more are added.

    Jazmine says...
    Bear & Avery
    Sunny Out?
    The future is so bright - I gotta wear shades
    Fabulous Fifties Eyeglass Frames
    len n me
    lenny in glasses
    Lily with sun glasses
    Ellie in glasses
    Professor Chico the Wonder Dog, PhD
    Glasses Dog
    ivan glasses 1
    Do glasses make me look smarter?
    The Dog With The Boy In His Eyes
    Dog with Glasses -Funny

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lurch_247 shorty_nz_2000 theyotrippers harleyannie
Animals Wearing Glasses

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One Response to Animals Wearing Glasses, Spectacles, Shades or Goggles

  1. brynn says:

    OMG how cute i love all of these, the one with the glases with the stripes in them on the dog is my desktop wallpaper!LOve it!man that was hard to deside!

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