Create your own digital mixtapes

Welcome to from on Vimeo. is a great new website which allows you to create playlists of your favourite songs. Not only that, it will incorporate the lyrics, notes and YouTube video into your playlists too.

The site is still in beta release but so far I have been very impressed with it. It is very simple to use and has a wide range of songs available (at the moment I am listening to Jegsy Dodd & The Original Sinners - who are they you might ask, ‘exactly’ is my answer!) to add to your playlists. Once a playlist has been created it is available for other members to listen to and you can take the code and embed it on your own site.

Here is one I made earlier - “Up North” - a mixtape featuring bands from the working class heartland of northern England; Liverpool and Manchester.

Every band I have searched for has had at least one song available, but I have experienced a few problems playing some of the tracks. This is to be expected in a beta release and hopefully the problems will be resolved as the site develops.

A great new site and one I will visit often.

What do you think of my playlist? If you don’t listen to it all, at least have a listen to the Half Man Half Biscuit track - Joy Division Oven Gloves, and let me know what you think.

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