Photographs of Urban Sculptures

Urban Sculptures is a flickr group dedicated to temporary and permanent sculptures that populate the urban landscape.

The photographs below are the last 20 to be added to the group. The photographs will change as more are added.

    Metallic Gallop
    The Metal Horses Go To War
    Amanda Photobombs a Squirrel
    Geometric Reflections
    Sky and Water
    Linear Distortions
    Open House 2011
    Open House 2011
    Sculpture of Purcell
    Great St Helen's & Undershaft Sculpture Park, London
    Nail by Gavin Turk
    Trafalgar Square, London
    Solemn Memory
    Amanda and Gary Explore the 9/11 Memorial
    Full Circle
    Horse sculpture at Marble Arch, London

Join This Group. As a member you can submit as many photographs as you like.

zoer MichaelChuck
Urban Sculptures

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