Intro To Deca Durabolin, Its Cycles And Side Effects

Also called Deca, Deca Durabolin is the brand or trade name for nandrolone. It is a steroid (anabolic) that is not legal in the United States of America and most other countries if a licensed doctor does not prescribe to buy deca durabolin for sale. Close to the heart of bodybuilders, Deca promotes muscle growth and strength by mimicking protein and testosterone synthesis. Bodybuilders who buy Deca and use this anabolic supplement usually resort to cycles, with a no-usage gap of a few weeks or a month. The steroid is a muscle-building, slow-acting substance that is safe when used for an extended time period, unlike other similar supplements.

Deca Cycle & Dosage

Find And Buy Deca Durabolin For Sale From Our CorpTypically, a Deca cycle lasts for two to three months. You may buy Deca for sale and use it either for definition-cutting or to build body mass. It is important to have a no-use period within the cycles. This is because if you buy deca durabolin and use it for long-term, continuous usage, you’ll end up completely shutting down your body’s ability to produce natural human testosterone. And this may cause irreversible libido damage, which includes erectile dysfunction disorder.

The steroid could be administered at a consistent level of dosage throughout the 10-week cycle. Typically, the right dosage is 2 mg for every body weight pound per week. Most bodybuilding athletes take a couple of Deca dosage per week. And the dosage seems to have the minimum side effects.

Deca usage is ideal during the bulking phase since it may cause water retention during other periods. In fact, several bodybuilders use a Deca cycle stack along with other similar steroids, such as Dianabol, during the program’s bulking phase.

Normally, a deca cycle is packed with testosterone and quite a few other bulking supplements. These additional supplements complement Deca and improve its efficacy. However, unlike most other anabolic steroids, results with Deca take some time. In fact, several weeks may pass before you notice some weight gain.

Side Effects

The most common side effect of this supplement is testosterone overproduction. This may cause total shutdown of natural testosterone production. Several athletes have also claimed issues such as acne, irritability and high blood pressure. These symptoms are usually synonymous with regular testosterone injections.

Let’s talk about the side effects in further detail.

• Mental Health

Anabolic steroid usage often leads to feelings of depression. According to a 2010 study, male rats who were administered nandrolone exhibited multiple signs of depression. Alterations in hormone levels, behavior and brain chemicals were congruous with depressive symptomatology. The rats, for instance, displayed longer immobilization periods during their forced swimming test post Deca usage. These effects were later reversed by antidepressant drugs, clearly indicating nandrolone’s active role in the depressive behavior.

• Sexual Behavior

Drugs used for performance enhancement influence the hormones that play a role in mating and reproduction. Often, steroids are found to cause decreased sexual libido and gonadal shrinkage. This hypothesis was tested and confirmed in male hamsters during an experiment conducted in 2010. Animals who were given a combination of anabolic steroids, which included decanoate and nandrolone, took longer to mate and the mating wasn’t as frequent as normal. Also, the hamsters under treatment exhibited major aggressive tendencies. Courtesy these results, it was clear that Deca steroids change both aggression and libido.

• Reproductive Fertility

The steroid-caused sexual behavior changes are amplified by reproductive fertility changes. According to a report published in 2010, nandrolone decanoate’s impact on male rat’s sperms were tested. The results clearly indicated Deca steroids reduced testes weight and decreased germ layers. Fitness training, when compared to athletes taking nandrolone, further increased germ cell death decreasing reproductive fitness. Therefore, steroid consumption decreases both fertility and libido.

• Organ Physiology

Most bodybuilding athletes administer nandrolone decanoate for the steroid’s ability to enhance muscle growth. However, this positive effect doesn’t come without its negative consequences. Steroid usage tends to augment tissue sizes (all the tissues), which includes tissues of the heart, liver and kidney. Also, a 2009 investigation assessed cardiac standards in male rats. It was found nandrolone decanoate negatively affected the rats’ heart rate control and blood pressure. The autopsies clearly showed the right and left ventricles’ enlarged state. Hence, the data was considered proof enough to confirm Deca steroid’s role in altering heart physiology. The finding is of specific concern because such heart enlargements could result in increased mortality rate.