Copyright is important to us. We do not wish to take credit for work which is not ours and we like to give credit where the author of an image we use is known. The images available on this site fall into three categories;

Our Own

These are images we have created ourselves and published on this website (and sometimes other websites) to share with people who appreciate them. Any image we have created will have our web address ( in the bottom right hand corner. Most of our images are free to share and distribute electronically (email, websites etc) under a Creative Commons license as long as the website is attributed (by way of a link). High resolution versions of some of the images are available to purchase for publication or other commercial projects.

Permission Granted

We do our best to gain permission to use an image whenever we can. We are also granted permission by the author when an image is submitted to us. This is by far the best way for us to source content as we can give the author the credit he/she deserves and can help to promote their work by linking back to a location on the internet of their choice; personal website, flickr page, email address etc.

Public Domain

Images which we believe to be in the public domain are added very infrequently. Whenever this type of image is added we will link back to the source site. Images which we deem to be in the public domain are images you will see on numerous other websites and which generally have no signature. We have collected a lot of wallpapers over time and their original location cannot always be recalled. In this situation, we have stated the source to be ‘Unknown’.

If you see an image on this website which you are the author of and you have not been credited, please contact us stating whether you would like to be credited (include your details) or have the image removed. We will action your request as quickly as possible.