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Monday 17th November 2008
We have recently changed the design of our wallpaper download pages and have come across some browser comparability issues during the process. Most of the issues relate to the different versions of Internet Explorer, but especially version 6. We are also aware that version 7 running on Windows XP is problematic.

Our stats show the majority of our visitors are using Firefox, but about 12% are using browsers which do not display some of our pages in the way we intend them to look. We are currently looking into the issues (which are CSS/HTML based) and hope to have them resolved shortly. In the meantime, we would like to suggest that you think about updating your browser or try a new one.

Internet Explorer Version 7 can be downloaded here and if you are running any other system other than Windows XP you should be okay. However, our recommendation is that you download and use Firefox 3 instead. This browser is much more dependable than Internet Explorer and is fast becoming the browser of choice for many people.

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Site Information